In the infrastructure sector, ABZ Holdings Property Division that enable the company to leverage on the existing assets in the infrastructure sector. In 2010 ABZ Holdings Property Division has participated in establishment of student accommodation with total of 524 in partnership with Affordable Housing Company (AFHCO) Properties. As the Property Division of ABZ Holdings we participate in property areas that complement our skills and the network of business.

We see Property Investment, Property Development and Property as an enabler for trade in Africa. Our strategy is based on leveraging growth inherent in infrastructure development. We invest in project that have a strategic impact on development.


1 Property Investment Services; The service aim at maximizing ABZ Holdings returns on the property portfolio. ABZ Holdings team focuses on attracting potential investors and allocations the capitals into existing Property companies.

2 Property Development services; the services includes construction of properties and infrastructure from conceptualizing, designing and structural implementation.

3 Property Management services; it includes leasing the premises collecting rentals, overseeing the building or infrastructure maintenance, also paying services providers